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Perak will surprise you! A truly World of Wonders! Where nature, culture, delicious food and warm people will take you through a journey to ancient caves, pristine beaches and international heritage. Perak is waiting for you and your family. In June 2016, Lonely Planet named Ipoh as the 6th best place to visit in Asia. An inscription such as this from Lonely Planet sheds light on Ipoh as not just a cozy old town, but also a great place to visit and experience the life of the local people here. And in 2017, Lonely Planet listed the entire state of Perak as the 9th of 10 Top Regions in the World to visit in 2017.

Let’s explore Perak!

More info about Perak, please visit :


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Located strategically at the heart of Southeast Asia, Malaysia is well-known for its natural beauty and diverse cultural landscape.

At its social core are three of Asia’s oldest civilisations – Malay, Chinese and Indian – as well as the ethnic communities of Sabah and Sarawak, resulting in a unique and inspiring blend of cultures.

Malaysia is a top destination for Muslim travellers across the globe.  This hardly comes as a surprise as Malaysia has all the necessary ingredients of an ideal Islamic tourism destination. With an abundance of halal food, prayer facilities and Islamic attractions, Malaysia perfectly caters to the needs of Muslim travellers. Malaysia’s rich Islamic history and heritage also form layers of fascinating experiences just waiting to be discovered.

Malaysia’s Accolades In The Islamic Tourism Sector

  • Malaysia has been named the number one destination for Muslim travellers for four consecutive years from 2011-2014 by CrescentRating of Singapore, based on itsannual online survey that evaluates several criteria including availability of Halal food, access to prayer facilities, Muslim friendly services in hotels and the country’s stability and security.
  • In March 2015, Malaysia was declared the number one destination for Muslim travellers in the inaugural Global Muslim Travellers Index (GMTI), a report jointly produced by MasterCard and CrescentRating based on a comprehensive global research on the Muslim travel market covering 100 destinations around the world.
  • In September 2015, CrescentRating and MasterCard collaborated once again to release Muslim Travel Shopping Index (MTSI) and named Malaysia as the second best global shopping destination for Muslim travellers after Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE).
  • In State of the Global Islamic Economy by Thomson Reuters and Dubai Islamic Economy Development Centre (DIEDC), Malaysia topped the report’s Halal travel index as the country with the most developed Islamic economy ecosystem for Halal travel sector for year 2014 and 2015.
  • In 2014, global travel portal TripAdvisor has named Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia (IAMM) the top museum in the country and 10th in Asia under the TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Awards for museums around the world.
  • Islamic Tourism Centre (ITC) plays a pivotal role in bringing Malaysia to the forefront of Islamic tourism. Throughout the years, ITC has been consistently and continuously working with industry players to build their capacity in Islamic tourism, thus ensuring that the needs of Muslim visitors are better served. ITC has also taken several initiatives in standardising industry’s best practices through research, seminars, workshops and industry outreach programmes, helping to establish Malaysia’s credibility in the world of Islamic tourism.
  • Now is the perfect time to experience the country’s multitude of Muslim-friendly tourism products – Islamic architectural heritage, halal gastronomic delights, vibrant Islamic festivals and world-class Islamic events – all guaranteed to give visitors an incredible time.
  • Let us be your perfect host and show you the best that Malaysia has to offer. ITC welcomes you – Muslims and non-Muslims alike – to experience the unique splendours of Islamic tourism in Malaysia. There is no better time to see, feel and experience Malaysia than now!
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honor 8 Pro Set to Surprise Malaysians this July


honour Bringing Breakthrough Speed and Performance

honor Malaysia today confirms that it will be introducing its smartest device to-date, the honor 8 Pro this July. Delivering maximum performance in a minimalist package, the stunning new flagship device sets the standard in every way – with cutting-edge processing power, long lasting battery life with two days of regular use [i], 5.7-inch Quad HD display with 515ppi resolution and colour gamut nearing cinematic standard and boasts a dual-lens camera that is packed into an impossibly thin 6.97mm body.

The honor 8 Pro continues to push boundaries in all fronts. The device is built with precision to match consumers ever growing demand today. With its bold tagline, “Born for Speed” we are excited to introduce yet another honor must have to the Malaysian market,” said Matthew Ng, Deputy Country Director, HUAWEI Consumer Business Group (Malaysia).

In efforts to make it a darling amongst game enthusiast, the honor 8 Pro enables the most demanding of games to run at high frame rates with minimum lag and continues to charm even in 3D – making it the perfect mobile gaming machine.

The honor 8 Pro is designed for stunning multimedia experiences. Together with honor’s partnership with Jaunt Inc., the device will bring high-quality virtual reality (VR) content followed by exceptional graphic processing powered by Vulkan API.

Additionally, honor 8 Pro’s combination of cutting-edge hardware and software culminates in its 12-megapixel dual-lens camera. The two lenses work in tandem to always deliver the perfect shot: the monochrome lens captures a black-and-white image with incredible depth of detail while the RGB lens ensure faithful and vivid color reproduction – and sophisticated software brings the best of two worlds together. The camera’s wide aperture range (f/0.95–f/16) delivers DSLR-like depth of field effects for both photo and video shooting.

The honor 8 Pro will feature next-generation technology, improved speed, and an inspired design. Pricing of the honor 8 Pro and the pre-order sale dates for Malaysia is yet to be determined. To receive more news on the honor 8 Pro, visit honor Facebook page at

About honor

honor is a leading mobile device e-brand and a part of the HUAWEI Consumer Business Group. In line with its slogan, “for the brave”, the brand was created to meet the needs of millennials through internet-optimized products that offer superior user experiences, inspire action, foster creativity and empower the young to achieve their dreams. In doing this, Honor has set itself apart by showcasing its own bravery to do things differently and to take the steps needed to usher in the latest technologies and innovations for its customers.

[i] Data based on honor lab test

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Inapan Selesa di Dorsett Putrajaya

Swimming Pool (Day and Mosque + Lake View)

Berita baik untuk anda yang merancang percutian mahupun bagi urusan kerja di Putrajaya, kini terdapat hotel terbaharu di pusat pentadbiran kerajaan ini iaitu Dorset Putrajaya yang bertaraf empat bintang. Walaupun baru berumur setahun disini, ianya sudahpun menjadi pilihan pengunjung kerana menepati ciri-ciri hotel bagi yang mementingkan harga, keselesaan dan kepuasan yang terbaik di Putrajaya.


Hotel ini menawarkan 218 bilik inapan yang sangat selesa dan ‘stylish’ serta kemudahan yang serba lengkap seperti Dorsett room, Deluxe room, Deluxe Balcony, Deluxe Garden, studio dan paling mewah adalah Minister Suite. Lokasinya yang sangat dikelilingi bangunan pentadbiran serta jabatan Kerajaan Persekutuan ini pastinya menjadi tumpuan ramai dan memudahkan urusan anda untuk mengakses ke pelbagai tempat menarik di sekitar Putrajaya.

Menjamu Selera di Citra Rasa

Tidak sah rasanya jika tidak merasai keenakkan masakan Chef mereka yang berpengalaman luas dalam dunia masakan jika berkunjung ke sini. Dari masakan dalam sehinggalah luar negara pasti akan menyelerakan anda. Di samping menikmati menu yang disediakan, anda juga akan menikmati pemandangan indah Tasik Putrajaya dan yang paling menarik adalah Masjid Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin, apatah lagi tika mentari terbenam pasti ianya memukau mata yang memandang.

Pada yang ingin ‘chillax’ bersama teman atau klien, Dorsett Café yang terletak di lobi hotel cukup untuk anda menikmati minuman kopi juga kek pastri yang sungguh enak.

Hotel Terbaik Pilihan Bijak

Anda pasti teruja saat melangkah masuk ke dalam hotel ini dengan ciri rekabentuk bangunan yang dibina unik dengan sentuhan moden. Bukan sahaja sesuai untuk anda yang mempunyai urusan kerja atau inginkan ‘weekend break’ bersama keluarga, Dorsett Putrajaya pastinya pilihan yang bijak.

Banyak lagi kemudahan lain seperti ruang dewan khusus berkeluasan 880 kaki persegi yang dilengkapi peralatan diperlukan, amat sesuai untuk pakej seminar, pakej perkahwinan dan majlis rasmi yang diidamkan. Rooftop pool dengan pemandangan yang memukau dan pusat gimnasium bagi yang pentingkan penjagaan kesihatan. Tidak lama lagi tetamu juga tidak perlu berjalan jauh bagi membeli-belah kerana Suria Mall yang terletak di bangunan yang sama akan dibuka sepenuhnya.

Info selanjutnya;

Dorsett Putrajaya

Precinct 3, 62000

Putrajaya Malaysia.

Tel: +603 8892 8388 Fax: +603 8892 8288




Oleh | Munzir Alawi

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Movie Animation Park Studios early bird promotion

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 6.53.01 PM

Grab this best deal early bird promotion packages. Free shuttle transfer to MAPS from designated locations! Limited to first 1,000 customers only. So, come on!

Booking or inquiry now at +605-5252048

1) Package Dream Getaway – minimum 2 pax to go
    – 1 night accommodation (Twin Sharing) + 1 Breakfast
    – 1 MAPS All Day Pass (adult)

2) Theme Park Vanganza – minimum 2 pax to go
    – 1 night accommodation (Twin Sharing) + 1 Breakfast
   – 1 MAPS All Day Pass (adult)
   – 1 entrance ticket LWOT (adult)

3) Bonus Package 1
   – 1 MAPS All Day Pass (adult)
   – 1  Orang Utan Island ticket (adult)

4) Bonus Package 2
   – 1 MAPS All Day Pass (adult)
   – 1 entrance ticket LWOT (adult)

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Tanah Toraja Penuh Misteri


Tana toraja, sebuah kawasan yang terletak di kawasan pergunungan Sulawesi dengan penduduknya yang beragama Kristian, Islam dan Aluk To Dolo. Toraja ini boleh dikatakan misteri kerana kepercayaan, adat mereka yang sungguh unik seperti kubur di gua, kubur bayi pada dahan pokok, perkampungan di atas awan dan sebagainya. Malah, terdapat juga sebuah patung Jesus yang paling tinggi di dunia di kawasan ini. Nak tau lebih lanjut, jangan lupa dapatkan majalah santai pada isu seterusnya!

Oleh: Niesa


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Fantasy Forest

Movie Animation Park Studios (MAPS), Asia’s first animation theme park located in Ipoh, Perak is at the tail end of its development, with 96 percent completed.

In an exclusive session, MAPS Board of Director, Mr. Ramelle Ramli notes that the Park is estimated to be ready by 26 June 2017.

“MAPS is highly anticipated and we acknowledge that there have been shortcomings to the development. I assure the public that it is a result of the decision to enhance the Park, increasing the entertainment value upon opening. This was announced to the public last year by the Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri Perak (PKNP),” explained Ramelle.

The Home of BoBoiBoy

MAPS which houses both international and homegrown Intellectual Properties (IPs) including DreamWorks characters, The Smurfs and The Home of BoBoiBoy will have more than 40 attractions in six themed zones.

Gearing up for excitement, visitors will be able to enjoy the experience of additional attractions include the HyperSpin, Asteroid Attack, The Adventurous Cartoon Factory, The Smurfs (Live Attraction, Party Land and The Smurfs Club House), WormHole Technologies, International Cultural Celebration, Selfie Boardwalk, Photo-Op.

Addressing current pass holders, Ramelle thanks them for their patience and understanding. Those who have purchased the tickets earlier can be assured that validity will commence upon the opening and is applicable for the 12 months after for Annual and Perak Passes. For Single Day Passes, it is valid for three months after opening.

Upon opening, MAPS is estimated to attract 1 million visitors to the theme park. With the anticipated visitor volume, the theme park will act as a catalyst for the State’s tourism industry and economy. Currently, MAPS employs approximately 500 employees, of which 73 percent of its human resources are local Perakians.

“Our recruitment focuses on Perakians, although we do have staff from other states. Our intentions are not only in providing employment to the locals but also to groom the talents’ skill sets of an international standard theme park,” said Ramelle.

MAPS is also currently on an active campaign to boost the tourism industry of Perak. Plans in the pipeline include strong presence in regional travel fairs, trade exhibitions and sales missions.

The theme park will also engage its audience in an interactive marketing campaign for both Above and Below the Line strategy which includes media outlets such as radio, television broadcast and attractive billboards. Merchandises will also soon be available for purchase on MAPS social media channels including Facebook and Instagram.

For the latest updates on MAPS, visit or follow MAPS on

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Iftar@KL 2017

Satu pengalaman yang menyeronokkan untuk berbuka puasa sambil menikmati keindahan kota Kuala Lumpur bersama pengunjung tempatan dan antrabangsa yang hadir di Dataran Merdeka baru-baru ini. Iftar@KL dilaksanakan sejak 2012 – 2014 melalui program Festival Ramadhan dan dinamakan Iftar@KL pada 2015. Iftar@KL 2016 telah berjaya menarik 17,250,600 orang merangkumi khalayak media, paparan blog dan media sosial oleh para blogger melibatkan juga pelancong luar negara yang terdiri dari pelancong timur tengah, negara Asean dan barat.

Iftar@KL 2017 yang berlansung pada tarikh 3 & 4, 10 & 11, 17 & 18 Jun 2017 (setiap Sabtu dan Ahad) di Jalan Raja, Kuala Lumpur dilaksanakan oleh Jabatan Kebudayaan dan Kesenian Negara (JKKN), Kementerian Pelancongan dan Kebudayaan bersama Rakan Penganjuran Bersama (NBOS) Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL) dan Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM). Iftar@KL disemarakkan dengan pengagihan bubur lambuk secara percuma, Tadarus Al-Quran, Tazkirah Ramadan, Jualan Food Truck, Kaunter Zakat, Solat Berjemaah (Maghrib, Isyak dan Terawih), Bicara Ramadhan dan dihiburkan dengan Konsert Ramadhan dan Moreh.

Program Iftar@KL 2017 juga telah mendapat kerjasama padu dari penaja yang ingin turut serta menyumbang dan memakmurkan program bulan ramadhan iaitu Yeo’s, F&N, Julie’s, Quaker Oat dan Les Copaque Sdn. Bhd (Upin & Ipin). Iftar@KL juga turut dihadiri YAB Dato Sri Mohd Najib tun Haji Abdul Razak, Perdana Menteri Malaysia dan YBhg. Datin Sri’ Rosmah Mansor yang akan bersama-sama mengagihkan bubur lambuk kepada orang ramai, bertadarus Al-Quran dan sekaligus berbuka puasa pada 4 Jun yang lalu.

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