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Santai Travel Magazine a Malay travel and lifestyle magazine is in town which simply means leisure, synonym with holidays. The quality, credibility of travel writing and lush photography will influence readers to visit interesting places.

The Publication provides information on local tourism as well as overseas destinations. Santai Travel explore places, ideas and trends of tourism destination and lifestyle. It provide practical information for holiday goers in a fresh new way to a greater heights. Santai Travel continue to strive and provide a full, true and balanced context on the tourism destination.

Our main editor content consist : 

  • Destinasi Pilihan (local destination)
  • Destinasi Antarabangsa (international destination)
  • Travel Tips
  • Community
  • Sports

Our Team

  • CEO / Founder Intermedia Network – Dato’ Azlie Halim
  • Business Development Director –  Nik Fauziah Ab Manaf
  • Marketing & Advertising – Dex Wong
  • Chief Editor – Azli Khairi Abd Hamid
  • Web Editor – Munzir Alawi
  • Sub Editor – Rosamira Ahmad Razali
  • Photographer – Dino Alhamd
  • Graphic Designer – Internship Luqman Hakeem (MSU)
  • Internship – Ariff Adli Mohamad (University Malaya)

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Term & Condition

Any editorial components, may it be published in print or online by Santai Travel cannot be republished, kept in back-up system files or released in any form:- electronic, photocopies, mechanics, recordings and etcetera without permission in print by Intermedia Network. The editorial team is permitted to make amendments to the articles without altering the actual content. The articles published do not necessarily have to signify the thoughts and opinions of Santai Travel. Every materials to be published, advertisements and online material that are sent to Intermedia Network will be solely owned by the company. The editorial team will not be held responsible for any loss in articles sent via post.