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Thailand has become the number one hotspot for those looking for an adventure, on a budget. With such level of accessibility and being a major international hub with low cost of living, Thailand has become a popular destination for all backpackers and tourists alike. Bangkok also known as Krung Thep Maha Nakhon or simply Krung Thep is the capital and most populous city in Thailand. According to a recent analysis by one of the world’s leading hotel price comparison platforms, HotelsCombined, Bangkok is listed as the top international city booked by Malaysians in 2017. This primate city is known to be the most verdant monsoon season in between September and October, giving tourists an extravagant tropical feel when they travel to Bangkok.

The weather is the best during this season as it is more manageable, and tourists will meet more foreign faces as this is the time of the year where tourists from everywhere choose to travel. The most anticipated event in Bangkok during this time of the year is the Vegetarian Festival also known as Tesagan Gin Je Festival, which is celebrated by vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. Phuket was often seen as the center of Thailand’s Vegetarian Festival as over 30% of the population have Chinese ancestry, however the celebration is widely practiced in Bangkok as of late. Rituals during the height of the festival include tongue slashing, extreme body piercing and other gory rituals in the manner to shift evil spirits from individuals onto themselves and bringing luck to the community.

Origins of the Vegetarian Festival are Chinese. The festival commemorates the nine Emperor Gods and is usually celebrated during the ninth Chinese lunar month every year. The requirements include giving up fish, dairy, meat and poultry for nine days to cleanse your body. Rules also stated that everyone should wear white from head to toe, but this is not practiced extensively outside temples. HotelsCombined recommends these top five accommodations from RM25 to RM215 per night, with the best deals guaranteed for travelers who aim to experience this cultural event:

 Loftel 22 Hostel

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A boutique budget hostel, located on Charoen Krung 22 in the heart of Bangkok which was renovated into a classic loft-inspired building mixed with Chino Portuguese style in the concept of being affordable, yet chic and simple. Charoen Krung 22 is also known as Talad Noi, which is a traditional Chinese residence and the hotel is located among a cool mix of old family houses. Loftel 22 is a new, unique standard for youth hostel with guests ranging from backpackers and travelers, to families all over the world for just RM26.00 a night. The hostel is just 1.1km, which is just 14 minutes walking distance, passing by Yaowarat Chinatown Heritage Museum to the Vegetarian Festival in Chinatown. For further information on the hostel, you may click here: Loftel 22 Hostel

Prime Hotel Central Station Bangkok

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The hotel is of modern comfort and convenience that are seamlessly combined and appeals to both leisure and business travelers. The hotel provides rooms with great deals ranging from RM 111.00 to RM141.00 a night. Located only a short walk from Hua Lamphong railway station and underground MRT, the contemporary hotel provides easy access that is just 850m, which is just 11 minutes walking distance to the Chinatown district. Prime Hotel Central Station Bangkok is also known as the perfect base for exploring Bangkok’s cultural essentials such as the Vegetarian Festival. For further information on the hotel, you may click here: Prime Hotel Central Station Bangkok

Hotel Royal Bangkok @ Chinatown 

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The hotel is well-known as the gem of the community as it is older than Bangkok and was built and shaped through time by Thai-Chinese merchants and artisans. The hotel is a luxury hotel built with a modern residential interior to serve both business and leisure travelers, for just RM177.00 a night. The hotel is also located just a minute away from Chinatown, which is 110m away from where all the stalls will be lining up along the roadside as guests takes a stroll outside the hotel. For further information on the hotel, you may click here: Hotel Royal Bangkok

The Grand China Hotel


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This hotel is situated at the intersection of Ratchawong and Yaowarat Roads, which is in the heart of Bangkok’s Chinatown district that offers amazing views of both historic parts of the old city and Bangkok’s modern skyline. The Grand China hotel offers rooms and suites with designs reflecting the local neighbourhood and provides guests with an authentic taste of Bangkok in the modern era, for just RM205.00 a night. Located just 300m from Bangkok’s Chinatown district, tourists would only need to walk 4 minutes to the Vegetarian Festival as they pass by Wat Kanmatuyaram Buddhist temple. For further information on the hotel, you may click here: The Grand China Hotel

Shanghai Mansion Hotel

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Known as Chinatown’s most striking and artistic boutique hotel, it reflects Bangkok’s dynamic culture where heritage blends with modern living. Shanghai Mansion is inspired by the stylish character of Shanghai, which is rich and vibrant, with rooms for just RM210.00. Bangkok’s attractions such as Wat Khanikaphon, Chao Phraya River and the Golden Buddha statue are just within walking distance of the hotel. It is also 250m away from the Chinatown district, which is just 3 minutes away from where the Vegetarian Festival would be taking place. For further information on the hotel, you may click here: Shanghai Mansion Hotel

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