Don’t miss out on all the exciting food on the local streets and check out our list of the best 10 street foods you must try when in Malaysia!

1. Nasi Lemak

A must try local dish coconut milk cooked rice, served with spicy chilli dish , boiled eggs, cucumber and fried anchovies. Enjoy this balanced meal and preferably for a nice heavy breakfast.

2. Ais Kepal

Ais Kepal is an ice ball that fused with various sweet colourful syrups. Best served during you were hot under scorching sun. Easily found in Ipoh & Melaka.


3. Keropok Lekor

Traditional malay fish cracker snack originated from Terengganu. It is made from fish and sago flour and seasoned with salt and sugar. Deliciously eat with its spicy gravy.

4. Rojak

Taste traditional fruits and vegetables mixed with peanut gravy that spices up the flavours in a plate. Best eat during tea time!

5. Cendol

A bowl of cold dessert includes with red beans, glutinous rice, creamed corn, coconut milk, syrup of areca sugar and cendol, the main ingredient which is a dark-green pulpy dish of rice flour worms. Fill your thirst with it!

6. Durian

Known as “king of fruits”, it is also famous for its unforgettable smells. However, it has the richest flavour of milk and sweetness combined in a fruit. It is now invented to ice-cream and drinks too!

7. ABC (shave ice)

Ais kacang or well-known as ABC is a very famous cold dessert that is a must try for everyone who visits Malaysia! It is a shaved ice that is poured with sweet syrups and included with few surprising ingredients inside the bowl. If you are lucky, you might have a scoop of ice-cream on top of it!

8. Otak – Otak

Otak-otak is a grilled fish cake made of ground fish meat mixed with tapioca starch and spices. It is wrapped in banana leaf and grilled. Can be snacks at night while chatting at the restaurant tables with your loved ones!

9. Murtabak

Murtabak is a stuffed pancake which has chicken, beef or mutton fillings. The filling consists of eggs, onion, meats and some seasoning. It is best eaten with onion fused in syrups and easily found all over Peninsular Malaysia!

10. Satay

Do not miss eating the most popular and delicious dish made of skewered, seasoned and grilled meat, satay or sate when you are in Malaysia! It is traditionally served with peanuts sauce, nasi impit and chopped onion that will boost your taste buds in a single bite of it!

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